People Mover

Opened in 1987, the Detroit People Mover has become one of the iconic images of the Downtown Detroit area. It is a 2.9-mile light-rail train system sits above the downtown streets of Detroit on a single set of tracks and is connected to many of the businesses in the city. It has become a way for short travel within the downtown area for travelers, tourists, city folks, and professionals alike. Starting in 2013, there are plans for the People Mover to link with the DDOT and SMART buses to create a better form of transportation in the city. There also have been many plans for expansion of the People Mover to outside of the New Center area and other places not walkable to downtown that could include a lot more stops within the city of Detroit and could improve the transportation aspects of Detroit greatly.

1420 Washington Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 224-2160