Dossin Great Lakes Museum

At the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, learn all about the Detroit River and all of the Great Lakes. They have exhibits for kids where they can interact with various objects to learn more about the great bodies of water surrounding Michigan. Its located on Belle Isle, and their goal is to show how Detroit has been important to the maritime history of our great nation. They have the anchor from the famous SS Edmund Fitzgerland on display there. Its one of the biggest museums of model ship across the globe. It was established in 1949 as the City Maritime Museum but had to be closed in 1956 but with some generous donations it was reopened in 1961. It has gone with more renovations over the years and re-opened once again in 2007. So if you have interest in the Great Lakes, give a visit to the Dossin Great Lakes Museum today.

100 Strand Drive
Detroit, MI 48207