The Caucus Club

Located in Detroit's Penobscot Building, the Caucus Club is a bit of an old time club look with it's old-fashioned artworks and furnishings. It has a warm nostalgic feeling to it with it's wood styling and beautiful lighting. It get a little bit of years and generations passed when you step into the Caucus Club. Established in 1952, the Caucus Club was opened to handle the overflow of people from the London Chop House across the street. It's always been a place for the downtown Detroit traffic and professional alike to come into its moody ambiance for bite and a drink for lunch and dinner. It's extensive food selection has been highly acclaimed within the city and award winning in many publications locally and nationally. The Caucus Club is set up as two room, but is very intimately set up. You can come in by yourself or book the whole place for a party. The Caucus Club is one of Detroit's best places to stop in before hitting many of the great places of the downtown area. Come in and see for yourself.

150 West Congress Street
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 965-4970