Michigan Sports Hall Of Fame

The Michigan Sports Hall Of Fame pays homage to all of the outstanding accomplishments from the great men and women of Michigan sports. Through exhibits and interactive tools, sports fans can gain access and education about a grand array of athletics and the ins and outs of particular sports. From the athletics themselves, to the arenas and stadiums that housed our great team, and from the high schools and colleges that bred our fine players, the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame educates fans about our deep legacy in the realms of sports. Annually, the Hall Of Fame inducts new significant figures from the Detroit sports community into their hallowed halls. The Michigan Sports Hall Of Fame is one of the nations best museums dedicated to a specific regions sporting history. With their interactive displays with shrines of memorabilia from the greatest players that ever came from Michigan, the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame is a great place for fans of all ages. Its a place where generations of sports fans can come together for the love of the game.

1 Washington Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48226
(248) 473-0656